Pork Collagen/Hydrolyzed Pork Gelatin

Pork Skin Collagen/Hydrolyzed Pork Gelatin

Pork Collagen is produced from fresh skin or food grade gelatin products. Our Pork Collagen is produced by a controlled Enzymatic Hydrolysis to be tastless and flavorless in HACCP, GMP and ISO certified factories which are Third party audited. Pork collagen meets USP and FCC standards.


Available Products:

1) Regular Fine Powder (Free Flowing Fine Powder, 100 Mesh, or Finer)

2) Granular Powder

3) Instantized/Agglomerated Powder

4) 45-50% Liquid Solution.

Made to order viscosities and particles sizes available (Molecular Weights of 2000 to 5000).


Pork Collagen Applications:
Sports Nutrition, Nutrition and Health Care Products, Ready to Drink Sport Recovery Beverages, Joint Health Products, Diet Products, Nutritional Bars, and Tablets (Bulking agent carrier for pharmaceutical active ingredients).

Food beverages and confectionary

  1. Dairy Products
  2. Meat Products
  3. High Protein Fortified Beverage
  4. Wine and Juice Clarification
  5. Instant Tea


Typical Specification of Hydrolyzed Gelatin

Parameter Specification
Protein Content: >97% (dry matter)
Moisture 6%maximum
Ash Content <2%
Arsenic Content 0.8ppm maximum
Chromium (Cr) <10.0 ppm
Lead <0.3 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide < 50ppm
Hydrogen Peroxide <10 ppm
Molecular Weight: 2000 to 5000
Total plate count <1000 cfu/g
E. coli negative /10g
Salmonellla negative /25g


Packaging Available:

1) 44.10 pounds/20 KGS kraft paper bags with liner

2) 120 pounds/54.43 KGS in fiber drum with plastic liner

3) 36 bags per pallet and 720 KGs/1588 lbs per pallet

Pork Collagen/Hydrolyzed Pork Gelatin