Sodium Caseinate

Our Sodium Casein is produced from Cow Milk by Acid Perciptation Yak and Cow Milk and then converted into Sodium Caseinate. We offer both Food and Technical Grade.

The most important features of Caseinates are their very good Solubility, Water Absorbability, Viscosity, Emulsification Characteristic, Stabilization of Emulsion and Foaming Capability.

Caseinates are mainly used as food supplements – they improve nutrition features, taste and smell, increase the shelf life and enrich products with organic amino-acids. They are used in Meat, Bakery and Confectioner Industry, Production of Food and Pharmaceutical Concentrates, Drinks and Dietetic Products.

In Meat Industry they are used as emulsifiers and free fat stabilizers. In Bakery and Confectioner Industry they are used for production of special Flour Blends, Pastas, Grain Solutions bread and other Confectionery Products.
Caseinates are also used for purification of Wine and Juices and for Production of Liqueurs.

Owning to the foaming capability, water and fat absorbability and emulsification caseinates found their major usage in Diary Industry for production of Low-fat Pastes, Yogurts, Creams and Whiteners for Coffee, Grain Cheese, Ice-creams, Processed Cheese, Maturing Cheese and other imitations of Creams, Desserts. Caseinates in production of Cheese Imitation are used as emulsifications, water and fat absorbents due to taste and texture-creative characteristic.

Caseinates found also a wide use in production of Dietetic Food and High-Protein Nutrients.


Product Name Sodium Caseinate Extruded
Taste, Smell, Color Typical milk taste and smell, light cream color
Storage, Shelf Life Term In dry and cool place, 12-Month shelf life in original packing
Chemical Parameters       Protein
 > 87.0 as is
>92.5 in dry mass
 Fat (%)
 < 2.0
 Moisture (%)
 < 6.0
Ash (%) <4.5  
 Purity (disc)
 A  max. B
 pH 7.0
Solubility (%) >99.9  
 Microbiological Parameters      Total Plate Count/g
 max. 5000
 Coliforms 0.1/g
 E. coli 0.1/g
 Salmonella 25/g
 max. 50
 Mould/g  max. 50
Packaging Four-layer paper bag with polythene inner bag,
25 kg net, bag inscription on request, big-bags
Sodium Caseinate