Nutra Food Ingredients

Nutra Food Ingredients, LLC is a professional Ingredients supplier for the Nutrition, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage industries Since 2004. Our goal is to supply quality ingredients to our customer and to satify our consumer needs for their quality life.

We specialize in: Collagen, Gelatin, Vegetable Proteins, Organic Inulin fibers, Organic Erythritol, Natural Xylitol and other Polyols, Intensive Sweeteners, and Nutraceutical ingredients for supplements.   


As a trusted supplier to the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries we customize our products to meet customer specifications. We guarantee the highest quality, consistent materials and competitive price for our clients.  


With so many distribution points and key ties to manufacturing around the world, we ensure on time delivery to our customers.


Our offices and warehouses are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Compton, California and Kearney, New Jersey.  


No matter the industry, we can serve you.


Currently we work with Food Ingredients Suppliers, Nutritional Bar Manufacturers, Cosmetic Manufacturers, Food and Beverage Processors, Pharmaceutical and Supplement Processors, and many more.